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So, you want to join up here at KatMUCK? Wonderful! 
When you fill in the form below, it will be sent to one of the wizards, who will then finalize it. 

You can not request one of the FC from here, only made up, and new characters. Make sure you fill in the form completely!

 Once a wiz gets this email, they will create your character and then send you an email with the password and confirmation. Keep in mind you may /not/ start off as a Male Adult Lion.

Your Name: (first and last)
Email address:
Requested Name:

Please know that your password will be sent via email. Make sure 
to type in your real email address if you want the character you request.

"Who you callin' oopid-stay?" -Banzai

Unless you are a major twink, and very 'oopid-stay' you'd know that taking images from this website is strictly restricted and would be frowned upon. KatMuck is Mtaki and The Lion King is Disney Productions.