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...on KatMUCK

KatMUCK was established on February 9, 2000. Mtaki created all the programs, and the first few rooms on his own. Mtaki hired many wizzes to help out with the building of the MUCK, and most proved to be wonderful workers and helpers! 

KatMUCK is a Lion King based Muck with a twist, as this Muck actually takes place /before/ the first movie, so Nala and Simba haven't been born yet, Timon is still in his meerkat colony, and Scar doesn't rule the hyenas yet. Mufasa is still king, and most other things have remained the same. 

You are /very/ welcome to join up at KatMUCK, as we are always looking for new members. Mtaki and all the wizzes would be happy to have you, and will make sure you get started off on the right foot. While exploring KatMUCK's extensive lands, be careful not to get lost ;) 

Linked off the Pride Lands are many different places made by the wizards for your enjoyment; Such as the Alamsi desert and more. They may not be in the movie, but they are fun to explore, and they make the area unique. An area that is in the movie, the elephant graveyard, is also added from the pride lands. It is /very/ large and extensive, so you are lucky if you are a hyena!!

"Who you callin' oopid-stay?" -Banzai

Unless you are a major twink, and very 'oopid-stay' you'd know that taking images from this website is strictly restricted and would be frowned upon. KatMuck is Mtaki and The Lion King is Disney Productions.