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...for KatMUCK

Want your stay at KatMUCK to be the most fun and interesting it can be? Well, you've come to the right place! Here I, Mtaki, will give you some of my little tips on making any stay at KatMUCK as fun as possible! So, just read below, and then you can try the tips out for yourself! Enjoy the page, and give me your input! 

1) If you want to find some fun role-play, try typing 'FIND' and seeing where everyone is at! If the waterhole is crowded, then go for it. You'll be sure to sniff out some fun role-play that way.

2) While role-playing, try to make your character interesting and unique, so others will want to role-play with you again. Some fun ways to make your character unique  are...
    *Making your character have a speech difference, example, rather than saying "Hello everyone, how are you all doing?" you could say something like "Lo evr'one, how ya alls doin'?" Get it? Make up your own!
    *Creating interesting poses. Rather than having 'Kimbaa walks into the area.' why don't you try 'Kimbaa pads noiselessly through the tall grasses, her emerald eyes flickering as they travel over each fur, curious and wondering...'

3) Go exploring! The Pride lands are extensive, and you are sure to sniff out some fun areas, or even stumble across a fun role-play!

- Here is some information on the commands around KatMuck -

Command Key Command What it Does
FIND Where/who type command It will give you a list of all the players on at the moment, what status they are in, how long they've been idle, and where
wizzes Wizards This will give you a list of all the wizzes, who's on line, and their specialties as well.
Staff Staff members Staff will give you a complete list of staff members, their specialties, and who's online at the moment.
Jump #<number> Jump This allows you to Jump to another room, provided it is jump ok and you know the # of that room as well.
ws Who/status This command will give you a list of who is in the room, and what their status is.
OOCA Out Of Character Area Typing OOCA will automaticly jump you to the Out Of Character Area.
FCLIST Feature Character List This command will pop up a list of the feature characters, and tell you which are available at the moment. 
carry Carry This allows you to carry another player wherever you are going 
REND Ride end REND will end a ride that you may be taking/ giving (Ride end. REND)
FURS Fur list Gives a complete list of all the different species of animals you can play on KatMUCK
names Name Generator This awesome program gives you a list off 24 random Swahili names each time you aces it. Perfect for anyone who's stumped for names! 
UserList List of Users You can look up the players on KatMUCK in several different fashions: name, fur, and so fourth.
@shahamu Elephant Transport Use @shahamu to transport yourself OOCly to major areas in KatMUCK! A fun program!

"Who you callin' oopid-stay?" -Banzai

Unless you are a major twink, and very 'oopid-stay' you'd know that taking images from this website is strictly restricted and would be frowned upon. KatMuck is Mtaki and The Lion King is Disney Productions.