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So, you may ask, what are wizzes? Wizzes, also known as wizards,  are the splendid people who give up most of their Role playing to create the MUCK. We all made it from scratch, building new areas and descriptions, programming, and making the KatMUCK an enjoyable place for all visitors.

All the splendid wizards have been listed below. If you are ever on the Muck, and are wondering if any wizzes are on to help you out, all you have to type is 'wizzes' and a list of the on-line wizzies will pop up for you! Please remember that the wizzes at KatMUCK are not evil dictators who rule with an iron fist! We all love to RP as much as the next person does!


- -Type 'wizzes' while connected to see a list of who's on- -

-Name -Job
Mtaki Head Wiz 1: all jobs
Kitzira MUF Programmer
Kivuli'Nyamaa RP/Feline Expert
Zimwi Char. Creation
Quinnri Head MPI programmer
Mindaja Server Administrator 
N'agkuk Builder

"Who you callin' oopid-stay?" -Banzai

Unless you are a major twink, and very 'oopid-stay' you'd know that taking images from this website is strictly restricted and would be frowned upon. KatMuck is Mtaki and The Lion King is Disney Productions.