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What is a Staffur, you ask? A staffur is a helper at the MUCK who will be listed upon a chart entitled 'Staff.' Staff members are very important, as they help relieve the wizzes of some questions, and also help you out. 

Each staff member is almost like a wizard, only without the powers. If you become a staff member, your name and specialty will be listed under 'staff' so players an page/talk to you for advice or help. 

 Staff member duties are wide ranged; from Building or programming help to RP advice or describing tips. When you submit this form, it will get sent to a wiz, who will decide if you are worthy or not. If you are, a conference to test your abilities will most likely be held with you. 

Your Name: (first and last)
Char. Name:
Email address:
Possible Specialty:

Why do you think you'd be a good staffur:


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