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Feature characters are the characters that are in the movie, that you can play on KatMUCK. If you become a FC, you must make sure you are a very experienced Role player, have patience, and know the character inside and out.

If you are pretty sure you can handle all that, there is one more thing to fret about ^_^ You have to actually try out for the part. The wizards will contact you, and you'll have to 
enter a room where we watch your role playing, and we'll test how you respond to situations and so on. 

 As long as you are still interested, you can fill out the form below, which will be sent to a wiz. Some FCs are taken already, and you can go to KatMUCK and type 'FCLIST' to see what Feature Chars. may be available.

Your Name: (first and last)
Email address:
Current Char:
Requested Char:

Why do you think you'd be good for the part:


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Unless you are a major twink, and very 'oopid-stay' you'd know that taking images from this website is strictly restricted and would be frowned upon. KatMuck is Mtaki and The Lion King is Disney Productions.